Green Corps

Number of volunteers 12000
Planted 100000 trees
Total Volunteer Hours Logged 90000
Partner Organizations 80

Welcome to Future Forest!

We are a non-profit organization working to Save the Earth and create a better future for everyone.
that began to save Earth.

The Earth, the only habitat for human life, has lost its sustainability due to our improper actions, rapidly desertifying and becoming barren. The aspirations of the people gathered to revive this unsustainable Earth was the starting point for Future Forest. Future Forest is at the forefront of ‘Saving the Earth’ in various forms by widely publicizing serious global disasters…

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Introduction to Future Forest

Future Forest is a non-profit organization initiated from the effort to save the Earth.

The Earth, the only home of humanity, has quickly surpassed sustainability due to our wrongful actions, leading to rapid desertification and devastation. The aspiration of the people gathered to save the Earth that surpassed sustainability was precisely the starting point of Future Forest. Future Forest aims to spread awareness about severe global catastrophes and initiate sustainable land management pilot projects to save the Earth and…..

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Now We are…

against the desertification.

Yellow and fine dust. Where it comes from: the desert.

A desert spreading at the rate of 32 football fields a minute. 2,000 years ago, the deserts of Inner Mongolia, once lush forests, were destroyed by overuse and became a source of yellow dust. The desert stretches all the way to northern Africa. Desertification is the fourth environmental problem that has emerged from the triple threat of water scarcity, biodiversity loss, and climate change 

The Green Wall: trees stopped deserts

After 14 years of planting and nurturing trees in a devastated desert, the land is recovering. In response to questions about planting trees in the desert,
I would like to show the site that has been transformed by with the Green Wall.

Building a green civilization in the hands of youth

The environment of the future is a reality for young people. A place for public diplomacy where young people across borders and cultures come together to sweat and exchange.

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